(noun) the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

What is Empathy?

Empathy is the unique set of user testing activities. It allows you to understand if your website or app meets customers’ and prospects’ needs and does it lead users to correct actions.

Empathy uses interviews and behavioural observations to produce actionable findings that can improve your site or application.

After the changes happen, the evaluation tests are available to ensure that the new design has improved the experience.

Sample questions that Empathy answers are:

  • Who are my customers/ users?
  • What value do the users seek from my product? What do they like best?
  • Does my website or app emphasise the value my customers are after?
  • Does my website or app provide the best experience while guiding visitors to my goal?
  • Is there anything that is missing from my website? Should some parts be taken away?
  • What is my current user journey? What journey do users expect? What are the differences between those two?
  • Has the new design addressed problems we found before?

Empathy goes beyond traditional user testing. It is a holistic approach to discovering customers’ goals and expectations and how your website or application can meet them. 

Empathy also provides an insight into who your most profitable users are and what is the best way to communicate with them in the future.

No other offering provides that level of insights.

Why Empathy?

What does it involve?

Empathy is a combination of:
  • In-person interviews
  • Mystery shopper experience
  • Interaction lab tests
  • Remote guided and unguided tests
  • Customer support queries analysis
  • Digital analytics audit
  • Any other techniques appropriate for a given project
Empathy does not only focus on what is in front of customers. It also aims to understand the needs customers try to fulfil.
We interact with your customers, sales teams and customer support agents. That way any pain-points and ideas already within your organisation can be discovered.
Empathy tests are partly conducted in the London-based, state of the art usability lab provided in partnership with leading UK university.
Empathy reports include:
  • Transcripts of calls,
  • Interactions recordings
  • Discussion of results
  • Actionable recommendations
All deliverables are customised to serve your needs.
Those can be written documents, slide decks, video highlights, as well as live presentations.
We would strongly encourage you to get the reports in multiple formats for an easy reference in the future.
Reports are usually available in 1-2 weeks after testing.  

Empathy Deliveries

Contact us to discuss how Empathy can support your product and about a free preliminary consultation.

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